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  • Experienced

    As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to your specifications.

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  • Professional

    Education and experience don’t count for much if you don’t present yourself in a professional manner. Coastal Vending makes sure that every member of our staff always presents the image we want our company to have.

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Business Done Right

The business world is extremely fast paced because, as the saying goes, time is money. Unfortunately, because of this mindset we have lost some of the most important aspects of human interaction. That is why Coastal Vending makes the time for our clients. We want our clients to know that when you deal with Coastal Vending it is not business as usual. We take the time necessary not only to get the job done, but also to get to know our clients and provide them with an atmosphere conducive to their needs. We encourage our clients to speak freely with us so that we can make sure that their expectations are met and exceeded.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Licensed: in order for any company to work in our industry they must be given license by the state. This allows us to work under protection of the law.

Bonded: for consumers to be protected many industries demand for companies or individuals to be bonded. With this, in the event of poor workmanship the client is able to recover what was lost from the bonding company.

Insured: to protect employees and clients our company is insured to cover workplace accidents as well as property and liability insurance.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Family owned and operated. Serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth. We provide a vending partnership with your business and customize your vending equipment and product selection based on the needs of your business.